SSH Flooring

Commercial Carpet & Tiles

SSH offer a commercial carpet supply/fit service, for a range of areas.


With a broad range of construction types, budget options and aesthetic possibilities in carpet and carpet tiles, SSH leads the way in offering high performance floor covering solutions to the corporate market with tangible ergonomic and acoustic benefits and make a positive contribution to workforce productivity and well-being.

Educational Sites

When choosing floor covering for a school or university, there’s more to consider than price and design alone. The right floor covering has a profound effect on the educational environment and learning ability of the students; sound solutions contribute to improved acoustics, comfort, indoor air quality and safety.

Retail Spaces

The SSH portfolio offers a range of options that will enhance the aesthetic and brand image of any retail environment.
SSH Flooring Carpet

Not only does SSH offer a practical and flexible installation solution, but also a comfortable underfoot experience, with impressive acoustic properties, that will ensure customers enjoy a better retail experience.

Public Spaces

SSH can create a welcoming and long-lasting floor covering solution that is able to withstand the heaviest levels of foot traffic. At the same time in public spaces such as airports, sports stadia and conference centres. Unique design capabilities enable patterns that can communicate a strong regional or brand identity via the floor plane.

Hospitality & Leisure Spaces

With decades of experience servicing the global hospitality market, SSH has worked with some of the world’s largest hotel chains and provided floor covering solutions to some of the most demanding casino and gaming environments. Our portfolio includes standard and custom carpet solutions for a range of public and guest rooms areas.

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